Valentina, the Pattern Maker

I was born as an Artisan and Designer, capable of creating simple patterns. Since I seek uniqueness and excellence in my work, I sought help from someone knowledgeable in pattern making.

  • immagine della modellista che collabora con ddlab

    This is where my relationship with Valentina begins, a young woman from Vicenza, 30 years old, with a background somewhat similar to mine. She worked in the fashion industry for 10 years until last January when she decided to start her own business, slowing down her pace and offering her skills to artisans like me.

  • immagine della modellista che collabora con ddlab

    Our collaboration began in October; she has created patterns for some of my garments, and undoubtedly, our relationship will continue over time. Valentina is a precise person who values her work greatly: she not only creates the
    pattern but also works with the artisan in the "fitting" phase.

Her work is very valuable...