Lina S - un modo morbido, leggero, consapevole ed inclusivo

Lina S - un modo morbido, leggero, consapevole ed inclusivo

The Lina S collection was born from the same concepts and values that I uphold daily with my brand.


Lina S is named after the fabrics used to create the collection:

Linen, Silk, Linen-Silk blend, and Hemp.

These fabrics possess unique and specific characteristics. They are of natural origin, derived from fibers found in plant stems, durable over time, and highly resistant. They have the ability to absorb moisture, protect from sunlight, and regulate temperature, providing freshness while maintaining constant warmth, especially linen, which is suitable for winter (for those who may not know).


Thanks to the characteristics and quality of the fabrics used, Lina S embraces the values of sustainability, a topic dear to the world given the times we live in. Additionally, through the shapes and construction of the garments, I have aimed to embrace inclusivity and kindness in fashion, which is a subject very close to my heart, making it evident to the audience.


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