Cappotto in toni rossi e neri di ddlab

The uniqueness of every woman

d.d. believes that every woman should feel comfortable in her clothing,
regardless of her physique and size. Each creation is designed to enhance the individual beauty of every woman, accentuating her unique features.

dettaglio di un tessuto dipinto a mano da donatella, fiori rossi su tessuto verde

Simple and authentic

Kindness is one of the values that should be rediscovered. ddLab is based
on the idea of a Gentle Fashion that embraces the value of Inclusion. A Fashion that can therefore unite and not divide or categorize.

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donatella fondatrice di ddlab mentre realizza i suoi capi unici

The story of d.d.

"Between a chat and a dream returning from the summer holidays"

Discover who Donatella is and how d.d. was born.

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