La linea Cerimonia ddLab: Ecosostenibilità & Eleganza per le occasioni speciali!

The ddLab Ceremony line: Eco-sustainability & Elegance for special occasions!

Are you ready to discover a new frontier in special occasion wear? 😍

The Cerimonia ddLab line combines sustainability with elegance to offer a unique and innovative solution for life's most important moments.


It all started with a simple question:

"Is it possible to create elegant garments for events like baptisms, weddings, and communions, using sustainable materials that can be reused in everyday life?"

From this question, Cerimonia ddLab was born, combining the beauty of design with a commitment to the environment.

A fusion of ideas, materials, and shapes. The Cerimonia ddLab line is the result of research and experimentation. The result is a line of clothing and accessories that meet the needs of those who want to combine style, sustainability, and comfort. Versatility at the heart of innovation is one of the most exciting aspects of the Cerimonia ddLab line.


Each piece has been designed to be easily reusable for different occasions, thus ensuring a smaller environmental footprint. Whether it's a dress for a wedding or a jacket for a theater evening, this line offers elegant solutions for every occasion.


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